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[Sunday, January 15, 2006 11:47am]
life is well, for the most part.

Rachel and i had dad watch Wonder Showzen, and he liked it. Which is ace.

I've gotten a new LJ account, because this account has been with me for awhile; it needs a rest. I'm not abandoning this one what-so-ever, but pineapple223 needs a break.fevrierfever is the new one, so if you'd like to keep up, add that suckazzz.

Its sort of like an art project that i'm doing, with older photographs. It will be fun for me, so if you have any sharp objects, keep them away from my bubble. they make me happy. And i think they're neat.
and i don't really care what you think.

Just a heads up.
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"I had no idea I dressed so good!" [Monday, January 9, 2006 8:12pm]
[ mood | numb ]

It's somewhat nice to be alive at this point of the week. Though its only monday, i hope something happens that will bring up my mood, because it's already alittle shaky. But it's expected.

I feel i haven't been as honest with you as i should. So i'm going to semi-clean my slate while my concience will still let me.

Put some pants on livejournal,

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"Phantom Pains; its when ghosts beat you in your sleep." [Friday, January 6, 2006 6:36pm]
[ mood | i just can't stand it. ]

Today was a friday, so a content Danielle is what you'd be most likely to see. Despite the many tests (that i didn't study for) were scheduled to air today, i think i did alright. And we got to watch "March of the Penguins" in french, and thats a good way to end the first half of the day.

I like sunshine.
But i also love the look of the snow covered lawns and gray skies that lie outside of the catwalk during the day, when i manage the opportunity to be alone. Sometimes it starts to flurrie, making it loyally look like a snow globe. Its genuinley captivating. & though i can't help the feeling that the snow is teasing me while it does this, it sometimes makes me question what I am doing wasting away in school while there is so much more i could be undertaking. But i'd fancy there is a true reason behind where i am at certain points in my life, & that i am where i'm supposed to be for that moment.

i like being in school during those moments.

while taking my daily does of A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway, I came across this quote that i liked enough to copy into my agenda.

He looked at me and smiled.
"You do not love him at all?" he asked.
"I am afraid of him in the night sometimes."
"You should love him."
"I don't love much."
"Yes," he said, "You do. What you tell me about in the nights. That is not love. That is only passion and lust. When you love, you wish to do things for. You wish to sacrifice for. You wish to serve."

It makes perfect sense to me. Think of someone that you think you 'love'. Now picture that person has just gone through a complete body change, for the worst. They look completley different, and not in a good way. Its the same personality, but a completley different figure/body/face. Would you still love them? Do you even really love them in the first place?
and let's be completley honest with ourselves when we answer.

but then again, i'm still having trouble figuring the difference between love and lust.

Tell me:what is love to you?
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"It's not stinky...it's FOUL." [Thursday, January 5, 2006 1:14am]
[ mood | can't you see it in my eyes? ]

HEY Mr. McQuade has a face? its good know, now that i can actually see it; because he has thankfully shaved the ridiculous beard off. Hate me for saying it, but i kind of miss it.

So now that the english department is back to 'normal', its comforting to know that the world is also. I sure love vacation, but i guess its just kind of refreshing to see everyones face; to know that they're alive. Even if i wish they weren't.
I like christmas just as much as anyone, but for a reason i can't possibly fathom, i was just sick of it this year. I like the occasional festivities, but it took alot out of me this year. I think i'm more or less into the idea of winter, not christmas. i might be coing crazy, or maybe its a sign of me getting older; growing up.

and to my amazement, i think i'm okay with that.

Aside from this, my first day back wasn't anything to complain about. I saw Mr. Nagy jump on kids in a fight today in the hallway. Thats exciting? ALSO; Mrs. McGowan has a cold. I'm not saying she deserved it, she just earned it. So maybe i am.

I went to the library today. Its great having a study last period, being there when its atcually quiet is sort of what it's all about. I wanted The Great Gatsby, but they didn't have it? WTF what kind of library is this? But i did get E. Hemmingway's "Farwell to Arms". Call me crazy, but there's something empowering about holding a book that was published in 1967; and the check out card has dates and signatures that are 15+ years older that you are. What's your favorite book?

Going to Music Theory is something i really look forward to on Wednesdays. it makes the week go by easier, and it gives comfort to know that there is more to life than worry.

But seriously, i could slap you silly with this frozen chicken; right now.

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you have terrible aim. [Saturday, December 31, 2005 4:08pm]
[ mood | i'm getting older too ]

well well well, another year gone. where do they all go?

i'm not going to make a huge post about how lucky i was this year. But i will say that i am totally ready for a new start. i usually keep my calendars, but today i took them down and threw all three of them out. 2005 was a great year, but really too much worrying than its worth to hold on to.

If i could give this year a name, i'd call it necessary.

nec·es·sar·y - (adj) absolutley essential.

Thats what this year was to me. i needed it to happen. it certainly was rough at times, what with my parents, my friends, my life was so confusing! It seemed that everywhere i went, i got lost. But it was also a magnificent era in my life, and i couldn't have done it without my loving friends + sister. I've made peace with myself, and have broken down a lot of barriers. to all of you, there aren't enough ways to say thank you; i love you all with my entire heart.

and i even made it to Liverpool!

as for my hopes for the up-comming year, i really don't have any. I just hope that happiness follows me, where ever i may go.

resolution for 2006: to live.
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"THAT LLAMA'S GOT MY NAME ON IT!" [Wednesday, December 28, 2005 8:50pm]
[ mood | this muscle in my arm ]

Today i finally had some fun over the vacation, and yes, it included mermaids, vacations, and bathrooms. Aren't I lucky?

Later in the day i had 'music theory' lessons. Though the time + day can be cumbersome, i really enjoy going. Today my teacher, John, and I listened to James Taylor the whole time! It was really neat, there are alot of things i've missed that he's shown me. The thing i like most about John is that he atcually cares what i think, and what i like. Its almost as though he's treating me like a human being. What a crazy idea. And only half of his face works! It sounds creepy...because it is.

Honestly, he is probably one of the only teachers i've had, or will ever have, that is atcually inspiring to me.

Moving on, i've got pictures. and they're chock full of holiday spirit and sutton goodness.
so click if you still believe in film cameras.

I BELIEVE!Collapse )

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"Toilet paper and cat food?" [Tuesday, December 27, 2005 4:41pm]
[ mood | you need an excuse to move ]

I'm not really into the warmer weather right about now. I'd like to enjoy December while it's here, if it isn't too much of a bother. But it's nice to walk around in my favorite jacket!

CHRISTMAS WAS CHRIZ-TASTIC. I got an iPod, it's black, and i've named it blackie. I tried to find a case today for it, but it's alot harder to find one for the newer ones. I think it's because mine is black. who is circut city to racially profile electronics?

I GOT A NEW KIDS JOEY McINTYRE DOLL. that will be a nice edition to my room. Cause i've got 'the right stuff.' i got alot of Lennon + beatle books; and a Bob Dylan DVD! and more candy than anyone should have, but thats assumed isn't it. i've also got the Elvis connection. if anyone at anytime needs elvis cds or mints, hit me up.

i bought an oasis CD today, so i'm pretty excited. And i think that i like Billy Joel. Is it wrong to like him? cause if its a crime i'm guilty as charged.

i'm getting pictures devleoped tomorrow, so i think i might, for once in my life, post them. so stay tuned kids; this will be interesting.

ON THE SCARY SIDE - who got a letter from MHS in the mail? if you happened to glance at the teachers section you might have a)thrown up, b)laughed histerically, or c)wonder what the hell this is doing at my house. i did a combination of all three. mr. albania is halfway bent over, haha.

but the popped collar was an elegant touch.
(not really, but nice try.)

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"noops." [Saturday, December 24, 2005 3:42pm]
[ mood | presents round the tree ]

as far as i'm concerned, this christmas season hasn't even existed. It went by so fast; i don't remember it ever going like this. But throughout, i did have some great memories. so it's not like it didn't exist, the spirit just didn't quite show through as i expected.

yesterday was x-mas mania at school, i got such nice things from EVERYONE. Thank you all so much, i couldn't ask for more. the thing i like about the day before x-mas eve is everyone's mood. Honestly, everyone who is older than 14 is in a sour mood during the regular season. Something about the last day of 'work' makes me happy, and apparently all my teachers too. we watched movies in every subject, so theres a hip and a hurrah.

but i still dont understand how Donald Duck could possibly possess a french accent.

i'm not even going to rant about english; it is not worth it.

at the end of the day,
i gave Mr. Albania a candy cane ♥! i asked him to say 'merry christmas' for me in albanian; and he actually did it. he broke down the whole meaning of it for me, so i could fully understand he was telling me 'happy christ's birth.' it sounded like he was gargling the whole time, but i really couldn't care less because i was more focused on his hideous pink shirt.

today was Nikki + Rachel + I's hula day party. It's kind of a tradition, and i kinda look forward to it, and my gift was kinda wrapped in bacon wrap.
i got the best shirt from her, courtesy of Threadless.com. I nick-named it my radio ga-ga shirt, and you'll all have the liberty of seeing it come january.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"it's beginning to look alot like christmas!"

though its taken nearly twenty four and a half days, christmas eve has found me, and my heart is blithe to know that its finally here.

Gézuar Krishlindjet!
to you, and your sweatervest.
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PROSTATE PROBLEMS [Monday, December 19, 2005 8:11pm]
[ mood | remember me ]

Days like today kind of make me wonder why i ever wanted a snow day. For the sake of the kids, i'll spare the gorey details. But i'm pretty sure that mondays are permanently ruiuned for me, seeming that i haven't had one good one yet. Anyways.


Friday i went to the auburn mall for PROBABLY the first time in 20 years; but nothing has changed. wtf the fire alarm was going off? anyways, went to piccadilly pub and saw Mrs. Brisson YESS. I almost died on Rob's gi-normous hill later; thats pretty neat.

Saturday was absolutley fantastic. I listened to records all during the day, which is great; i wish i could do it more often. At one point, i was: one the floor, with my sunglasses on, with the lights off, listening to the LET IT BE album. i guess the simple moments matter most to me. Then i went to allison's party which was great; really got me in the spirit ♥. i chased santa claus down a few blocks, and nearly died! whats that, twice in one weekend? i must be butter; i'm on a roll.

Sunday was Katie + Lindsey's birthday!! so later in the day i went to uno's with them + Karah and Michelle. It was really nice to see them all again; and the kid with the huge fore-head. and i had a moment; they played Michael Buble in there HOLY CRAP it was great. My favorite song too!

p.s. how did i get an 87 in English while everyone else..didn't? Like Rachel said, SHE CAN'T GRADE. AND HOW DO YOU GET AN A ON THE ESSAY WITHOUT DOING EXTRA THINGS? I REALLY DON'T GET IT AND MS. ARGENTIERI WE'RE IN 10TH GRADE; LAY OFF.

i finished The Bell Jar today. By far one of my favorite books. It seriously went over every topic except for drugs. I was even surprised when she talked about gay people. in short, if you want to do yourself a favor, please read this book.

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"put two down?" [Thursday, December 15, 2005 7:27pm]
[ mood | CAN YOU IMAGINE? ]

one of the perks of standing at the bus stop at sub-zero tempretures at 6 in the morning and or riding the bus in sub zero tempretures is the sun rise. This morning was especially beautiful, i wish i could have taken a picture. The moon was out too, in a really strange pale yellow. oh sigh.

i cannot win a history reveiw game for my life. And that kind of sucks; considering he's thinking of taking away points for anyone who doesn't get in the top three. But he did a really funny impression of Danielle's confused face today, it even made me laugh out loud 4 periods later just thinking of it.

Mrs. McGowan makes me sick. she called a kid in our class yesterday "whatever your name is". I'm glad Millbury hires teachers that care so much. Katie and i were in the CHROM-ZONE making our charts. luckily our baby came out 'normal and not retarded.' Again McGowan, you're too nice.

English was..interesting. Of course she picked me to describe the sound of a toilet flushing; and then made it sound like i was saying something completley gross. but it was really really funny, so i don't mind.

am i the only one who saw her hit herself in the eye with her pencil?

Gym class is doing 'relaxation techniques'. Its a fancy word for sleeping on mats. Rob fell asleep twice and i had to wake him up HA. Then i came home and rachel and i talked to bread and made friends with a coke can. Its good here.


1. GET XM SATELLITE RADIO. Buy or steal one , i'm not picky.
2. study for tests.
3. pray for a delay/snow day.
4. stop caring so much.
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